Although the expert panel ratings on appropriateness of referral are the result of a careful and scientifically validated approach, the recommendations still reflect the subjective opinions of the panel members. As such, these results should in no way be interpreted as a 'gold standard' for any given patient. The program should be viewed as a 'professional mirror' to compare your own decisions with the opinion of a panel of experts. The program is meant to assist you in forming your medical judgment but should not interfere with your independent diagnosis and treatment decision. The indicated program recommendation for a given patient should not preclude a final decision to be made by you or a competent medical team in a specialized center for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), as to whether DBS should be recommended or not.

Medtronic DBS therapy is not for everyone. Not everyone will receive the same results.

Medtronic DBS Therapy for Movement Disorders is indicated for patients with disabling tremor or symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Studies have shown that deep brain stimulation with Medtronic DBS Therapy components is effective in controlling essential tremor and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease that are not adequately controlled with medications. Additionally, deep brain stimulation is effective in controlling dyskinesias and fluctuations associated with medical therapy for Parkinson’s disease.

Refer to the appropriate information for prescribers booklet for contraindications, warnings, precautions, adverse events summary, patient selection, and component disposal.